There are many factors that we take into consideration while planning a holiday because we analyse the different smart film Malaysia requirements we have while travelling to a certain destination based on the distance, climate and the availability of different necessities. The 5-A’s of tourism are the five things you must take into consideration while making any travel related plans, the 5-A’s are Accommodation, Activities, Accessibility, Amenities and Attractions. Here we will discuss about the 5-A’s switchable smart film in detail.


Accommodation is the most important factor to consider while planning a holiday which lasts for more than a day. Wherever you go, you’ll always need a place to rest, get changed or to simply sleep. While searching for a good accommodation at a far away place, look for online reviews about the place and also take detailed look at the amenities provided by your place. You can view online pictures and decide on the hotel you want to choose and even call them up to enquire about the different services they offer like valet service, Restaurant, a swimming pool , WiFi, or even a swimming pool. All these factors should be what we base our final decisions up on while choosing a good accommodation.



Tourism is immensely based on the type of activities that you indulge in


One main factor behind us choosing our holiday destination should and must be its accessibility, many a times we have heard stories about people travelling to inaccessible places and ending up getting stranded and eventually dying. So choosing an accessible tourist destination is the right thing to do. Do not choose a highly accessible destination too, because these are generally the tourist hotspots and are crowded throughout the year so finding the balance between a highly accessible and inaccessible place is very important.


It simply refers to the basic amenities that are required during the travel journey like food, accommodation, destination services, travelling means, expenses incurred etc. Without this factor, Tourism in itself will be a non profitable industry. All hotels, restaurants, tourist spots live on the tourists that enforce the amenity factor without which travelling is simply not practical.  The government earns a fair amount of its tourism development funds through this sector. Booking hotels, airline tickets, health and travel insurance, passports and ids come under the amenity requirement factor. If amenities were not necessary, travelling would become the most dilapidated activity among human beings as people would simply travel without taking any stop-overs and finally exhaust themselves over the entire idea.



It is the 5th A of tourism without which there would be no tourism industry itself. All people who travel or are keen about travelling do so because visiting places gives them a rush. It is important therefore to choose places that attract you or in the very least intrigue you otherwise the travelling would literally become a dead sort of travelling. Places, cultures, people generate the attraction factor.

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