Karnataka’s antiquated capital and once the Royal City, Mysuru is one the nearest end of the week excursions from Bengaluru 96ace idn. For History and nature darlings, the city offers a reasonable treat of both. The best time to visit this city is during the Dasara Festival when you can observer huge parades all through the city and multi day long festivals.


One of Karnataka’s most well known Hill Stations, Coorg is just a night’s adventure from Bengaluru. It is situated in the Western Ghats, and is rich with widely varied vegetation and is likewise home to three natural life asylums and one national park.



Known as the ‘Ruler of Hills’ Ooty is known for its tea domains, home-made chocolates, and dim slopes. This slope town gloats of woodland secured slopes, stunning climate and is the ideal pick for the two families and solo voyagers.


When the French Capital of India, the city has a great deal to offer concerning Foreign food, engineering, and history. The city is additionally home to different houses of worship, sanctuaries, and statues of celebrated characters.


On the Malabar Coast, laying at the outskirt of Kerala and Karnataka, the seaside excellence is an unquestionable requirement visit for its delightful shorelines and astounding fish cooking.



In case you’re hoping to invest some alone energy or removing an end of the week off to get from the clamor and contamination of city life, this is the best spot to be. Dissimilar to most other slope stations down south that have turned out to be business hotspots throughout the years, Yelagiri has figured out how to safeguard its serenity.


Chikmagalur is the origin of India’s espresso ranches. It is encompassed by verdant scenes, fragrant espresso ranches, and spouting streams. Travel to this spot looking for nature’s unfamiliar jewels and split away from the tedious city life.


Wayanad is situated in the province of Kerala, about 5 hours from Bengaluru. It is extraordinary compared to other end of the week goals that one can consider. The trekking trails of Wayanad are lavish green backwoods and cascades. Locating a wide range of intriguing untamed life in their characteristic natural surroundings is this districts strength.


Otherwise called the ‘Athens of the East,’ Madurai is perhaps the most established town going back to nearly the third Century B.C. The city is home to various sanctuaries and is the onlooker of the Tamil custom and culture.


Situated in Tamil Nadu, the ‘Princess of the hills’ has for some time been an escape for individuals who look for a snappy getaway from the warmth of the fields. The community has numerous beautiful attractions that will be loved ordinarily and experience sweethearts.

We often think about travelling as an option to visit some classy beaches and mountain tops. But in reality, there is more to this world, and it is high time 1bet2u that we realise it. Apart from places that are glorified by the media, this unique world of ours has some hidden gems that need to be explored. The fun and excitement that one receives after viewing something for the first time makes us happy to a large extent. So, to help you enter the route of adventure, here are some weird travel destinations.


The Chocolate Hills (The Philippines)


Before you think that the Chocolate Hills is your getaway to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, we are here to stop you and say no. Geologists have not been able to come up with a conclusion about the formation of the limestone hills, so people have sorted out to believe in other stories. If you visit the place in Winter, then the mounds are brown in colour and during summer, they are vibrant green. Either way, the place is quite beautiful, and you will get to spend some quality time.

Giant’s Causeway (Northern Ireland)


Hexagonal stones that are stacked along the water like the world’s largest Qbert is awaiting your arrival at the northern end of Northern Ireland. The place is unique as it consists around 40,000 ballast columns which were formed around 60 million years ago. Few of these columns go as high as 40 feet, and a few others don’t. A small number of people will be found, as some of them believe that this place is special.

Giant's Causeway


Rio Tinto (Spain)


Rio Tinto is a 62-mile long river that also translates into the red river. This phenomenon occurs through a combination of rare bacteria, low oxygen count and the huge amount of pollution arising from the mining of silver, gold and copper. The place has also grabbed the interest of NASA scientists, as they spent quality time in studying all about it.


Socotra Island (Indian Ocean)


The flora on this particular island is what makes this place stand out from the rest. This island is also home to around 250 species of plants that you will not find in any other part of the world. The canopy-topped dragon’s blood tree is one of the many plants that will grab your attention. A special part about the tree is that it has blood red risen that goes down if the trunk is pierced. If you are planning to visit this island, then you need to be aware of the fact that it is located around 250 miles off the coast of Yemen. Hence, visit some of these places and add a unique adventure into your notebook.