The basic definition of travel is the movement of a person from one place to another, it can be due to different reasons. It can be work related, it can be tourism and even for basic transport. The most common reason for travel is tourism. Let’s be real, the idea of travelling to a far-away place and experiencing their Pulau Kapas culture is something that excites almost everyone. It gives us a sense of freedom and relaxation that no other leisure activities offer. Whether we are travelling to place hundreds of miles away on an aeroplane or to a waterfall nearby on a bike, we all love to do it and wouldn’t miss any opportunity to go out and explore the vast world. This is why travel plays an important role in an average person’s life because the more a person is exposed to different cultures the greater is that person’s understanding of the world. When talking about tourism we should note that tourism is further categorized into many sub-divisions based on the type of experience they offer, the type of places visited and even the type of culture we experience We shall look at some of the main forms of tourism.

Religious tourism

Religious tourism is one of the most prominent forms of tourism out there, every year countries keep aside a huge sum of money dedicated to improving religious tourism because it is one that brings a very high revenue to the government. Places like Mecca, Jerusalem, Vatican city and Sabarimala are the religious hotspots, attracting millions of devotees from all across the globe. Most of these religious places are only hotspots for tourists for maybe one or two months, but during this time they are so crowded and the people’s livelihood depends on how much they cash in on this crowd.


Health tourism

People from all over the world seek medical treatment in different countries that offer a wide variety of therapeutic tourism opportunities. People often seek medical treatments in other countries as a form of bringing tranquillity to their minds or because of the better medical care provided by another country. Ayurveda is one of the medical practices that attract a huge number of tourists from around the world because of its highly cleansing and therapeutic style. Ayurveda is also famous because most people who seek treatment are cured of their illness in a fully organic and natural way without using any foreign medicines. All medicines in Ayurveda are made from natural products and that is the reason why they do not have any side effects.

Adventure Tourism

Adventure tourism is for people who love that sudden rush of adrenaline. Adventure sports and leisure activities are the main part of this type of tourism, these include rock climbing, hiking, trekking, mountaineering, river rafting and just about any activity that involves a higher level of risk. Adventure enthusiasts crave these kinds of activities and that is the reason why it is such a prominent form of tourism.